so glad i didn't end up with a bunch of people on here like i initially wanted to, i woulda got burned out so fast adminning

i definitely regret switching to mastodon tho

haha i am back!

the server died sometime around new years, and i've been swamped with Tasks and tired of servers

I want to go on a walk but there's a literal hurricane outside :(

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ah i'm back, accidentally broke mastodon for a bit

i got stable diffusion (the image generation ai) to work on my somewhat old gpu!

amazing, an even more elaborate way to use my computer as a space heater

It's nice they allow for the option but still kinda annoying

You have to have your gender out so the gender cops can check it

gov transmisia in florida, boosts welcome 

for the 5 people that will read this, please share this if you know anyone in the south florida area

The florida board of medicine will be discussing banning transition for people under 18, including social transition, puberty blockers, hormone treatments, pretty much everything. It is based on the following letter:

I'll link the information for the meeting at the meeting at the bottom, it is public and anyone is allowed to attend. I'm trying to get some people together, hopefully we can do something! It's between 8 am and 5 pm on August 5th, the address is

Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport
166 N. Compass Way
Dania Beach, FL 33004

Look for "Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents", end of page 3 on the agenda

jaw/body + 

officially had all my hardware removed yesterday. I've been able to open my mouth for a few weeks now, but up until recently I still couldn't chew and my mouth only opened a few centimeters

having to retrain my muscles to open my mouth wide is weird. it hurts but it's kinda satisfying

things are definitely more misaligned, but I can enjoy solid food again, so that's nice. It's functional enough for a jaw, I can overlook some extra clicking and weirdness if you like interactive fiction, or point and click adventures, check out Counterfeit Monkey

probably the best IF game I've ever played

Are there any resources on screen reader accessibility for websites? Particularly with <video> tags. The information I've read is conflicting

boosts welcome

@g as the resident type expert: do classes count as types in any way? also can you recommend any "babby's first introduction to type theory" articles/books?

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Ah, yes, IPFS, the futuristic storage system impervious to bit rot.

tried loading some files from 2017 and their proxy is just sending 500 errors

library internet blocking is that ironic or not

customer support was invented to maximize human suffering

bag has been finished!! feels so good to finish a project. it's got pockets for foam inserts to keep it rigid. really proud of how the edges turned out

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