It's nice they allow for the option but still kinda annoying

You have to have your gender out so the gender cops can check it

bag has been finished!! feels so good to finish a project. it's got pockets for foam inserts to keep it rigid. really proud of how the edges turned out

food, baking 

baked my first sourdough today! it came out better than expected, not much of a sour taste though. kinda like using regular yeast but with slower proofing

Programming my minecraft elevator live from an IDE on my computer, feeling like I'm living in 3021 😎

food mention, squirrel 

visited the vending machine squirrel today


made a friend today

somehow they weren't scared of me, so they got taken outside. it's nice to save them from getting fossilized in random corners of the building, like so many others

halloween orc at a spooky waterfall! trying out a different style

cw: naked orc, no bits showing

tasteful nudity 

fixed caching. here's an orc

lewd orc picture 

doing my thing again. this one took only 4-5 hours to finish! it's much easier to reuse assets it turns out

hnng sewing is hard. i've got the beginning of a tank top tho

the neck hole is complicated D:

restarting nginx seems to work

making a bot to post orc pictures would be fun

current progress! it draws tiles according to the painter's algorithm, and it's got some game engine plumbing

the more i work on this the more i realize how much work this is going to be, i'm definitely in the slump stage of a project. but i wanna push through!!

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