modrinth, capitalism 

@unascribed :( I thought we'd finally have a good a good mod platform, that's so sad

@xax an objectively funny reason to be on a blocklist tbh

so glad i didn't end up with a bunch of people on here like i initially wanted to, i woulda got burned out so fast adminning

i definitely regret switching to mastodon tho

haha i am back!

the server died sometime around new years, and i've been swamped with Tasks and tired of servers

@bound ok, if i understand this, the idea is that the only reason for space colonization is accumulation of resources. good life can be lead down here on earth, and anything accomplished out there will be through drudging, painful labor. it can also serve as a distraction from actual problems we face in society, giving another frontier where to send non-conforming people instead. space is big and empty and not worth it

still, isn't quiet enjoyment from afar possible? conquering it, manifesting human will onto it, that would be harmful. still, i don't think i could give up staring into the void

bad a.i. arguments 

@bound yeah, the "what if it isn't actually conscious?" argument doesn't make sense to me either. the worst that could happen is a resource not getting exploited completely. Which, of course not fully exploiting a thing in our current society is unthinkable

@scanlime at this point it feels more punk to repurpose devices. I used to be really into small weird linux computers, but it feels so wasteful nowadays. I already have a box of old phones and laptops, buying yet more SBCs just feeds the consumerism hole

I think a part of it might be accessibility. A DIY project to make a little system usually has a following, and you can get decent support from other enthusiasts. But for example, I have a 7 year old LG phone that is perfectly functional, but can't run banking apps and other essentials to the old android version. It's probably possible to get a nice, less taxing linux system running on it, but I have no clue where to start

type of guy 

@scanlime i spent like 30 seconds trying to figure out what the issue is with non-binary bus drivers before i remembered the fsf exists

@unascribed oh yeah, your docs mentioned it! let's see if I can get it to do anything funky before you patch it :p

@unascribed I managed to get it to redirect me to my router at home with and 0xc0.0xa80101, but i haven't been able to trick it into requesting anything from your network

@david you say archeology, but I still use that first adapter in my 2003 corolla

@asonix hey, I'm running a small instance for me and my friends, can I join your relay?

@xax if we're copying existing websites I wish they'd gone with tumblr. you could definitely embed custom css and html into activitypub posts. imagine if you had a feed of custom styled blog posts, that fit in with your already existing website! and you could have a simple templating system to help out people to make their own websites

but no most people only have 500 characters of plaintext

long and kinda rambly answer 

@ossifog No idea how much this helps, but the biggest hurdle wouldn't be number of users, but how active the federated timeline is. Having a few users who subscribe to hundreds of accounts would be just as bad as having hundreds who subscribe to a few

Also the software is built with horizontal scaling in mind, if it grows too big you can split the sidekiq, redis, ruby backend and node frontend onto different machines. But the biggest thing to watch out for is memory requirements, sidekiq and ruby love to eat it up. My educated guess is that 2 GB will be enough for 20 or so people, and 4 GB will be good enough for less than a 100. (Assuming you don't have other memory hogs on the same server)

Another thing to think about is space requirements. Will people be sharing lots of media? For receiving media from other servers, I have a cache on my server and I use block storage for long term keeping. 10 GB storage is enough to last about 3 months for my not super active timeline. The more users the more you'll need to expand it, or aggressively delete old pictures and videos off your storage, keeping them only for a week or two. Also usually cleaning media doesn't delete pictures from local users, so if it's a photography instance get ready for that.

Sorry I don't have a straightforward answer, but I hope it's helpful

@xax huh, sounds like it's the common way to make airships in minecraft. I want to make a modpack based around Create Aeronautics whenever that comes out, and it also stores its airships in separate dimensions

Metaworlds is interesting though, it seems to be a lot more flexible, with allowing world generation and all

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