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new haircuts for men album dropped!

barber beats may be a whole subgenre of synthwave now, but h4m still got it

uh oh fedi security things happening, looks like server will need updating

food, baking 

baked my first sourdough today! it came out better than expected, not much of a sour taste though. kinda like using regular yeast but with slower proofing

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so my game 'the new hive' is in the #FuckingCensorshipBundle,, a games gundle made as a response to the whole gamejolt thing. all proceeds go towards SWOP behind bars,, a network that provides funds & support to sex workers and trafficking victims

my game is already free (b/c actually trying to _sell_ a porn game on itchio generally means daring to sell porn using paypal or stripe) so it's mostly just there as a sign of support

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Y'ALL, so, does your phone only charge/connect if you Wiggle It Right, no matter what cable you use? Mine was.

Turns out this is very often caused by progressive compaction of lint into the bottom of the port, so the connector isn't able to seat properly.

If you get in there with a safety pin or something, you can pick the lint out. It's slow and you'll probably need a flashlight to see down in there, but it works. Keep digging until you see metal.

Programming my minecraft elevator live from an IDE on my computer, feeling like I'm living in 3021 😎

it's fun and sexy to build fragile contraptions around skeleton spawners

mineposting, create above and beyond 

really enjoying the create modpack for minecraft. create is such a polished mod, and having everything planned around it is pretty great

switched to it earlier, and it's got a nice mix of exploration with dungeons, together with locking most mid and end game structures behind automation, with things that aren't the go-to in most modpacks.

for example, you need a ton of kelp early on, and now we need a kelp farm! it's not something that we've built before

also it's nice that there aren't a ton of op items and silly mechanics to make resources out of nothing. it's a part of what bothered me about valhelsia. between the digital miner, ore laser, and other such options, it made things like mining completely useless

food mention, squirrel 

visited the vending machine squirrel today


made a friend today

somehow they weren't scared of me, so they got taken outside. it's nice to save them from getting fossilized in random corners of the building, like so many others

found an old copy of monsterfork on my hard drive :/

aw yeah listen to music and stare at wall and/or screen time

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