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Ready to enter the cave?

This is a small dungeon for the creatures out there. We aim to offer a nice and relaxing space for queer, plural, neurodivergent, and other types of folk.

Never been a monster before? It's okay, here are some guidelines! These are not exhaustive, and can change in the future.

What to do:

  • Decide on your critter

    What beastie would you like to be? Polymorph potions will be provided after sign up
  • Express your monstrous side

    Whether you're here for the lewd and kinky, or just to stretch your wings and hang out, it doesn't matter. Roar like you mean it!
  • Use content warnings

    To keep your fellow critters comfortable, please use CWs for sensitive and explicit topics. Here's a few categories to consider.
    1. abuse
    2. violence
    3. food
    4. us/uk politics
    5. lewd or sexual content

    Other folk may have different CW requests, be respectful of them

What not to do:

  • Don't harass people, and no opressive behavior.

    We've got enough jerks in our everyday lives, let's keep the cave friendly. If you happen to breach someone's boundaries, learn from that. We try to deal with conflicts with communication. But for repeat failures, you can and will be booted off the server.
  • No hateful speech.

    Including racism, ableism, transmisia, sexism, or homomisia. These (or others) will not be tolerated. Terfs, swerfs, nazis, and other fascists need not apply. This isn't a free speech zone!

Did you get this far in the rules? If so, tell me what your favorite plant is in your signup message!

We've updated our Kobold Policy.

Gently the kobolds


This instance runs on the hometown fork of mastodon, which you can find here.

Thank you to rage.love, weirder.earth, and fediblock for helping us out with the initial block list.